Founders Network_Logo_White

The Founders Network


The Founders Network founded by Steven Haggerty is a start-up focused business coaching service. The founders network offers Facebook groups, podcasts and networking events that all focus on professional growth.


Create a logo set that can be used as a starting point and identifier for the Founders Network’s resources.


As this logo was the very start of Steven’s journey we wanted to fully explore options. As he wanted this logo before he got started he requested a lean process. In order to make sure the logo process was smooth and  productive we started with a simple mind map to get some ideas flowing between us. 


The development stage was efficient and productive. Steven was happy to review my sketches and quickly we had an idea and concept. We both agreed the ‘sapling idea’ would best fit the concept and still look professional and corporate. 

Final Version

Once the concept was digitalised and mocked up it became clear that what looked good in the sketch didn’t translate in digital form.

The leafs seemed too feminine and possibly gave the impression of fruit.

However, the negative space we created to compliment the leaves became the new concept. stripping the leaves and keeping the ‘piping’ reflected movement, growth and a dynamic nature.

This project ended in a successful logo design that developed through good communication and lean working

Hannah at Dunelm Digital took the time to find out what my vision for the logo and feel of the business was and when she sent her first draft back it was exactly how I pictured it in my head. We made a few tweaks to make it even better and the result is complete synergy with the feel of the business. In short, Hannah knows her stuff and if you are looking for design & branding work then you would be a fool not to have a conversation with her.