Do you need to hire a web designer for your business?

Should I hire a web designer?

The question on every business owner and founders’ lips ‘do I need a professional web designer or agency to create a website for my business, or can I do it myself?. – Unfortunately, the short answer is maybe. But quickly ask yourself a couple of questions, and you’ll soon have your answer.

Do I have the skills to design, implement and manage a website?

If you’re not sure some of those skills are: identifying and setting up hosting, instaling a CMS system (WordPress) onto your site, some understanding of code, managing hosting, domains, SSL, creating engaging content, project management, visualising and creating professional design etc.)

Do I have the time?

Depending on your skills and website complexity, getting a launched website can take anywhere from 50 – 390 hours! (That’s over 5k if you are worth more than £15p/h) 

If you have the skills, can invest your own time and want to create your website, the answer to this blog posts questions is probably YES! Get started already!


However, there are other things to bear in mind such as;

If you’ve read the above and are thinking ‘I’m ready to DIY my website!’ CONGRATS. Good luck and let me know how it goes. When you are finished feel free to download Dunelm Digitals FREE DIY Website guide.’

If you’ve read the above and are thinking ‘I’m ready to DIY my website!’ CONGRATS. Good luck and let me know how it goes. When you are finished please make use of our free downloadable DIY Website Audit Workbook.

If this article has struck a chord with you and you'd like to know more of the benefits of working with an agency - read part II of my post below

Hey down here! So you think that designing your own website sounds like a right pain, and you’re thinking of getting some help.

Below are some of the benefits of working with an agency (well, our agency because we’re the best)

You save time and money! We kind of covered that above so I’ll spare you the repetition.


You’ll get exactly what you need, no compromises. We work to your business goals, performance indicators and needs for a website. Need your customers to be able to use the site as a product? We’ll build that. Need a website the automatically brings in hot leads to you? We’ll do that. Need a website that tracks when the moon is three days from full and sends an email to all your subscribers? Yup! We’ll sort it. Take that wix templated themes.


A website designed specifically for your needs and, more importantly, the needs and wants of a customer will always support your business, bringing in customers, sales, and ultimately more money.


Your sanity is at stake! Okay tad dramatic, nevertheless SSL certificates, cookie policies, google search console/analytics, SEO, mobile optimisation, security monitoring, pseudonymisation.

All make for a headache to your average business owner, but the Dunelm team love all of that, we’ve got it all down, and you won’t have to worry about it. – Design agency also always keep on top of new technology, trends and ever-changing algorithms, so you know your website is always at the top of its game.


Results! ‘sometimes I lie awake at night and think about all the websites that exist on the internet that have no purpose. No one visiting them, no call to action, even their original creators have forgotten about them.’ – I’m sure a psychologist would have something to say about that. 


But my point is that we create websites that are amazing, beautiful tools that you’d never forget about. Our job is to make sure websites are useful, relevant and attractive to your customers.


Our job is to make sure that your website performs well, makes you money, and serves its purpose. If your website isn’t a tool that is actively helping you reach your business goals, then honestly it might as well join the website abyss.

In summary, if you want to save time, generate more money, hit your goals faster, worry less, have the most up to date technology, techniques and designs and get exactly what you want and need – then you need to work with the pros.

Hannah Robinson

Founder and Head Designer

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