Socilioss Handbook Hannah

The Scoliosis Handbook


Written by Caroline Freeman, The Scoliosis Handbook is a practical, illustrated guide to exercise that is safe and beneficial for people with scoliosis before and after surgery.


Dunelm Digital worked with the author and publisher to develop a series of 60 digitally drawn graphics to illustrate each of the exercises in the book. We were asked to make sure that the illustrations reflected the position of the exercise precisely and would resonate with the target audience of the book.

The Story

We started working with the author while she was still writing the book as the illustrations would take time to get right as the client needed each exercise to be illustrated with 100% accuracy, one arm out of place or the wrong back alignment could put the reader in danger of injury. Despite this, the process was effortless, and using references and demonstrating the exercises we were able to produce high quality, accurate illustrations. 


The illustrations were compleated and formatted into the book ready for print. The book launched in March of 2020 and is available to purchase here:

I can’t thank Hannah Robinson from Dunelm Digital enough for her patience and attention to detail. – Caroline Freedman