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Prior Analytics have been implementing and supporting CRM systems for over 20 years. Since the announcement of the General Data Protection Act in 2017 Prior Analytics changed its operations to take a focus on data protection and compliance. This change in direction required a band refresh alongside a brand new website and supporting graphics.


Lead on the planning, development and implementation of the brand refresh in a way that reflected the changes within the company, yet still held recognition from loyal clients.

Pre ‘GDPR Launch’ Social Media Content¬†



Hannah was and still is an integral part of the team, the partnership with Prior Analytics did not allow for an outside perspective. Dunelm had to merge roots with Prior to create a seamless, internal graphics and marketing role.

The Story:

The first project included web design support and a general refresh of the brands visual entities, starting with logos, fonts, colour pallets we then went on to design policies, document templates, digital graphics and marketing materials.

the partnership:

We are proud to still be working with Prior Analytics, over the last 2 years we have worked on a range of projects and tasks that have really highlighted how our design and marketing skills can elevate everyday parts of a business.

Key projects range from curating and designing lead generating systems to redesigning an excel timesheet so that staff can save admin time and managers can easily see where time is going.

In summary, this project is all about seeing real results from our design work. 

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