How to stop content marketing overwhelm

If you want a successful business you need to define what your offering is before you even think about content marketing. Once you have successfully done this you can invest time and effort into ‘broadcasting’ your offering so that potential customers understand you, your business, what it does and what it stands for.

Traditionally this was done by creating ad campaigns that were plastered onto the side of vans, in bus stops, on television and radio. Nowadays you can tell people about your business offerings on a much bigger scale for a fraction of the cost thanks to the internet and social media.

Sounds simple? Well, it is!

Why isn’t every business owner and their dog doing it then? Well, it’s easy to come across road blacks for many reasons, including; Not having a clear offering, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of advertising options, or simply not having the time or resource.

Let’s break it down because it is honestly really simple!

Step one

Work out what your offering is, keep it simple and concise. I can ganrentee that you are over complicating it but take 10 minutes to think about what you do for your customers. Your everyday customers and your prospects don’t care about the inner workings of your business plan. Your offering is all about the experience customers have with you! The example below may illustrate this step better:

Sarahs current offering: “I have a salon that offers 50+ hair and beauty services for all kind of clients that includes everything from bridal packages to simple manicures.” This leads to overwhelm, no real focus on advertising and leaves Sarah thinking “where will I begin when it comes to promoting my business? Who is my target customer? where are they? how do I reach them?”

But, if Sarah asked a customer what they offer they would say “Sarah’s salon is a friendly place that can cater to all my hair and beauty needs in one place, at an affordable price.”

See? Just by taking your self out of business owner mode and putting yourself in the customers’ shoes you can see that knowing what your offering is really isn’t that complicated.

Step two

Now you have your offering its time to shout it from the rooftops! With social media and traditional marketing, there is countless ways you can tell everyone about what you do. And, now that you know what your offering is, you can do it in the most effective, uncomplicated way and get real results.

This is where you may feel overwhelmed, but remember it is simple, you don’t have to do it all, but if you want to succeed you need to tell people about your business!

The easiest way to do that is through social media and traditional methods. If you are a local business get your offer on a fab looking leaflet to hand out and push through doors. Make sure the way it looks reflects your business, has a great offer on (always be giving value), and has a clear call to action (tell people what to do next. i.e ORDER NOW or call for a consultation

Step Three

Reinforce your brand. Keep pushing out content to keep you on people minds and easily discoverable. Follow the 3 rules when creating content and you will see results:

Now go and tell people about your amazing business, action defeats overwhelm. You can’t think too much about something if you just get out there and do it! Got any questions? Click here to message me on LinkedIn and we can chat through them.

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