How to design and size the perfect Facebook cover photo

Cover photos for your Facebook page can be a great asset to your business; they are the first thing your page visitors will see and can set the tone for what your business can offer. 

To make the biggest impact, you need to be mindful of how you layout the design. As your banner will be visible on desktop and mobile, you need to make sure any essential elements are not cut off.

 Getting your banner to display right across every device can be tricky. Luckily we have created templates that take the frustration away and make displaying your banner design, in all its glory, simple.

Step 1 In your chosen software, set up a canvas of 820-pixel wide by 360-pixel high.

Step 2 Either create a 90-pixel margin on the left & right and a 24-pixel margin on the top & bottom

Step 3 Use the box you created or created by the margins as the visible area of your Facebook cover. I recommend that you make a background to fill the whole canvas and then add you important elements such as logo, any text and info in the safe zone. 

You can use from one of our Facebook Cover templates to make sure you get the layout perfect. Choose from canva or illustrator.