How do I review my own website?

DIY Website Audit Workbook

Are you struggling to get impartial feedback on your website? 🤷

If you are looking for website feedback but are tired of comments from people who don’t understand your business goals, and are not your ideal customers, then you might be a little stuck.

That’s why we have created a little freebie, just for you!

DIY website Audit Workbook on mobile

Download the DIY Website Audit Workbook and get a clear of idea of what the purpose of your website is, and if it is achieving its purpose!

How to review your own website DIY WEBSITE AUDIT

Using this workbook will help you answer;

❓ Is my website secure?
❓ How is my website performing on Google searches?
❓ How many people are visiting my site?
❓ Where are my visitors coming from?
❓ Do I need a new website?

and will guide you through the process of reviewing your site and making sure it’s working for your business – check it out and give it a try, I’d love to know your feedback on it (impartially of course!). ☝️