Get your ideal client on lockdown

When working with clients we start by taking a broad look at their business to establish what their goals are and who their ideal client is.

Your ideal client represents who you are targeting, it could be employees at an organisation, business owners or end customers. However, the ideal client is always seen as a specific individual person not a company or group of people.

So why do we do this?

Well, it is really the most effective way of setting a foundation for any marketing or sales plan. It allows you to set expectations and gain an insight into outcomes before you begin. Simply put it allows you to target the right people, with the right offer.

You can do this within your business no matter how big or small and start seeing results.

How do we do this?

Even if you know that you should have a refined ideal customer profile within your business you probably don’t know how to get to this stage. This article will outline some small actionable steps that will make it easy. 

If you are an established business take a look at your most recent clients and the sales process that came with them. Who did you love working with and who was a pain? 

Get down on paper who you loved working with and why you loved working with them. Then, make a list of characteristics that you liked in the client this could be anything from how their business worked to personality traits of the person.

Example: I loved working with Katie Bloggs from The Business Example Ltd because Their small team meant I felt part of the company during the project and as they are growing it means I can develop a long-lasting relationship with the business. 

from this example, you can see that your ideal client is business with small teams that are growing. The more statements you come up with the more specific you can get. 

Once you have done this exercise write down all the traits you have uncovered (you can use the template on the next page to help with this).

BONUS TIP: If you are a creative type it might help to create a story around these traits, piece together the ideal client, give them a name and a story.

Keep your list of traits or your ideal client statement close by when you are marketing your business, this will allow you to market for this person and make your marketing efforts so much more effective.


  • Use the template to build your ideal client traits
  • Create a story for your ideal client
  • Use this when putting out content to get the best results 

Key takeaways: 

  • You can create an ideal client even if you are not a marketing person, you just need to use what you know and what you have already done in your business.
  • ‘if you talk to everyone no one will listen’ keep your marketing messages targeted to your ideal client.
  • Working with your ideal client will allow you to work with clients that know your worth and allow you to work only on projects you love!

If you think content marketing isn't right for you, we can help!

We can do all the thinking and hard work for you and establish what your offering is and create content for you to market!

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