Get more from your website.

In this blog post, we dive into three easy actions to implement NOW to start seeing results from your website.

So, before we begin, let’s discuss what results fro your website means.

To me, it means ‘Get more qualified leads from my website so I can reach more people and make more money.’

Quick tip! If you are serious about growing your business online, create a statement for your self. Don’t overcomplicate it. Simply think about your BIGGEST business goal over the next six months.

Is it; Double your profit? Increase revenue? Be seen as an industry leader? Grow your audience? Get more eyes on your brand?

Whatever you are working day in and day out to achieve, your website should have the same or similar goals, right?

Not sure what your website goal statement should be? Get into my DMs, and let’s talk about it.

So you’ve got your statement and now know what the end goal of your website ultimately is. 


It’s time to implement!




Become your customer. Most entrepreneurs understand who their ideal client is, and you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time figuring it out. It’s now time to put that to good use. 


Open up your website and imagine seeing it for the first time through the eyes of your ideal client. Does it speak to them? Is it what they are looking for? 



On a piece of paper, make three columns.


Name the first ‘my website’ the third ‘my ideal client’, the middle is THE BRIDGE. 

example of action sheet for getting more from your website, your website, THE BRIDGE, and your ideal client



On a piece of paper, make three columns. and answer these three questions in the first and third column. 

Column One

My website

Column Three

My ideal client

Now in collum two – the bridge – write one action that can connect the two. See the below example.

What you have written in the middle column are now THREE easy, true to you actions you need to take to get more for your business, from your website.

You now have the actions to take that will massively improve your website. Your ideal client will see this site is made for them and see that your services are made for them! You’ll see your newsletter subscribers, enquiries and calls increase too!


Hannah Robinson

Founder of Dunelm Digital.

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