Elementor, DVI or Beaver – which is the best WordPress page builder?

WordPress page builders have revolutionised the way we create websites. Now, you can build a professional looking site without having to worry about any code!


All it takes is some creativity and minimal knowledge of web design tools like Elementor, DVI or Beaver WordPress plugins which allow users with no coding experience at all make beautiful sites from start-to finish in minutes.


No more sitting at your computer for hours, trying to navigate the tech infested waters of web design!


With the three plugins – mentioned above – you don’t need any technical skills because there are drag & drop options available within most page builder themes that offer complete control over every little detail, including architectural elements such as colour schemes, navigation bar designs; content types (blog posts/pages etc).


Your customisable layouts will look professional no matter what kind of content you want on your pages – from blog posts or products listings all the way down to contact forms – and they can even be customized by colour palette if needed so every element matches perfectly together in one cohesive design scheme without looking too cluttered (which we know some people prefer).


Page builders are not just for beginners. They let developers speed up their work too, and allow them to serve more customers, but this is only true if you take advantage of the best drag-and-drop page builder plugins on WordPress!


Let’s go ahead and check out our chosen examples in detail…

Image to illustrate WordPress page builder BeaverBuilder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is arguably the most user-friendly WordPress page builder plugin available on today’s market. It comes with a frontend visual editor which lets you design your own website in no time! Beaver also offers ready to use content modules and drag and drop module customisation options for quick results – all from one place using their easy toolbar at top of screen.


Beaver has over 30 professionally designed templates and allows for the easy use of custom content with images or even videos from YouTube without any hassle!


There’s free version available as well!


So, if you’re looking for a simple and sleek website builder that empowers you to create stunning websites then Beaver Builder is the perfect choice! It’s easy and affordable.

DIVI Builder


The Divi Builder is an innovative plugin for WordPress that allows you to create layouts with ease. The drag and drop interface makes it simple, yet flexible enough so as not limit your creativity by traditional means of editing on code sights like Beaver Builder or Visual Composer does.


You can customize everything from fonts colours, sizing (both widths & heights) and spacing – anything! It has 46 different content elements, which will help make building beautiful pages easy without any hassle at all. All this goodness comes in one handy package.


The Divi Builder plugin can even be used with other design software and websites including but not limited to Squarespace and the Weebly lite template creator. The advantage in using its premium features is that they offer 20 pre-made layouts templates, which makes designing easier for beginners as well as more experienced users.


Once you purchase the Divi builder you also have access to all of the premium products from Elegant Themes.


So, why Use The Divi Builder? If you’re looking for a great Beaver Builder alternative then Divi Builder is one of your best options. It has received mostly positive user reviews and can be used with other premium products from this company as well!

Image to illustrate WordPress page builder Divi


Elementor is a very popular and powerful WordPress page builder. It’s easy to use, with over 80 design elements including widgets that you can edit in seconds!


You’ll find Elementor is perfect for generating more traffic on your site as well – simply select what element or widget needs editing from the dropdown menu at top right of each page then make changes by clicking directly onto them when desired.


The drag-and-drop interface also means there are no limitations:


Elementor’s users don’t just create static websites anymore because they’re able not only change content but appearance too thanks this amazing tool which provides limitless possibilities without you having any technical knowledge whatsoever.


Elementor is the ultimate site builder for WordPress users who want a simple way to create and publish their own websites. With Elementor, all of your pages are fully customizable with amazing graphics that will make them stand out in any industry or niche!


You can also import templates so you don’t have worry about getting started too quickly- just choose one from the library (which includes fonts!) Then customize as needed before publishing.


One of the best things about Elementor is that it’s easy-to-use and beginner friendly. Anyone can quickly learn its interface, which makes designing beautiful pages a breeze.


Whilst the interface and features are simple enough for beginners, they are also powerful enough to meet even the most advanced needs as well!


Pricing starts from $49/site (free version also available), which is very affordable, especially if you are just starting out.

Our Recommendation:


With so many WordPress plugins for building websites, it’s hard to know which one is right. But with our list of the top 3 drag and drop builders available today, Elementor has won us over as being superior in comparison!


Its straightforward interface combined with powerful features make this page builder perfect if you want a simple but effective way to design your website or blog pages without any confusion on what each option does.

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