Canva Hack

Canva, the DIY graphic design tool, has reportedly fallen victim to a cyber attack.

This data breach could have affected up to 139 million users and compromised their data, as the attack targeted usernames and passwords.

Canva has assured its users that passwords have been “salted and hashed with bcrypt” meaning they are unreadable by 3rd parties. However, they have recommended that users update their passwords as a precaution.

Does this affect me?

Canva is a widely used tool for novice creatives and small marketing teams. If you are a user of Canva or have been in the past, it’s pretty likely your data has been compromised.

While passwords remain encrypted and unreadable to third parties, it’s worth keeping in mind that passwords you use every day are not always safe. The majority of Canva’s users probably use a generic and overused password to log in; Canva even offers a ‘log in with Facebook’ option. 

If passwords were able to be read by third parties, how many other platforms could hackers access from that data? 

As a small business owner its important to make sure you understand how yours and your customers’ data is affected when hacks like this take place, and it’s a great reminder to get your data compliance in order. 

For more information on data privacy below are some great resources. 

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