Elementor, DVI or Beaver – which is the best WordPress page builder?

Elementor, DVI or Beaver – which is the best WordPress page builder? WordPress page builders have revolutionised the way we create websites. Now, you can build a professional looking site without having to worry about any code! All it takes is some creativity and minimal knowledge of web design tools like Elementor, DVI or Beaver […]

Get more from your website.

In this blog post, we dive into three easy actions to implement NOW to start seeing results from your website.

Should I hire a web designer?​

Do you need to hire a web designer for your business?the question on every business owner and founders’ lips ‘do I need a professional web designer or agency to create a website for my business, or can I do it myself?. – Unfortunately, the short answer is maybe. But quickly ask yourself a couple of questions, and you’ll soon have your answer.

How to design and size the perfect Facebook cover photo

Cover photos for your Facebook page can be a great asset to your business; they are the first thing your page visitors will see and can set the tone for what your business can offer.

To make the biggest impact, you need to be mindful of how you layout the design. As your banner will be visible on desktop and mobile, you need to make sure any essential elements are not cut off….

Get your ideal client on lockdown

Get your ideal client on lockdown When working with clients we start by taking a broad look at their business to establish what their goals are and who their ideal client is. Your ideal client represents who you are targeting, it could be employees at an organisation, business owners or end customers. However, the ideal […]

How to stop content marketing overwhelm

How to stop content marketing overwhelm If you want a successful business you need to define what your offering is before you even think about content marketing. Once you have successfully done this you can invest time and effort into ‘broadcasting’ your offering so that potential customers understand you, your business, what it does and […]

Canva – Hacked

Canva Hack Canva, the DIY graphic design tool, has reportedly fallen victim to a cyber attack. This data breach could have affected up to 139 million users and compromised their data, as the attack targeted usernames and passwords. Canva has assured its users that passwords have been “salted and hashed with bcrypt” meaning they are […]

5 Instagram tricks that will push you ahead of your competitors

eMarketer predicted more than 70% of brands would be on Instagram by 2018, meaning more companies are on Instagram than Twitter, a first for the image sharing platform. Get your brand on Instagram and stand out from your competitors with these five tips. 1. Create consistency. Keeping your content themed and alike with your branding […]

5 Steps to Create Instagram Content That Sells.

Dunelm digital Instagram Content images tips business social media what should I post on Instagram

1. Create a weekly plan Anyone who runs a business knows that no week is the same. No matter how much you plan something can always come up that leaves you running out of time. Creating a plan for what you are going to post everyday each week makes managing your social media a lot […]