About Dunelm Digital...

Digital Marketing & Social Media

With a mutual goal of aiding your business to achieve its objectives, we’ll work alongside you to set up a plan and structure that will achieve your goals

Graphic Design & Illustration

Branding is the part of the business your customer can see, it creates trust in services and adds value to products. We can create and enhance brands with our design services

Lead Management

Struggling to sell to your online market? We can work on your leads and convert them into profit for you, saving you time and money and ultimately boosting your profitability.

Hannah started Dunelm Digital after realising her skills could make a difference to the businesses around her.

''I first discovered my passion for Marketing & Graphic Design when I left school and began my career, every day since then I have been working to learn more about marketing for business through work experience, education and my own research. My passion for marketing alongside my degree in Graphic Design gave me the perfect skill set to help businesses grow and turn my passions into a successful business"

We work with businesses like yours to help create strong branding that customers love, and find those customers through the right marketing.

Dunelm Digital know that every business is different and work with you to create successful marketing campaigns. We can work with you no matter what stage your business is at, and we will take on any task you need help with.