5 Instagram tricks that will push you ahead of your competitors

eMarketer predicted more than 70% of brands would be on Instagram by 2018, meaning more companies are on Instagram than Twitter, a first for the image sharing platform.

Get your brand on Instagram and stand out from your competitors with these five tips.

1. Create consistency.

Keeping your content themed and alike with your branding will improve your results.

Brands that succeed on Instagram all upload images and videos that blend seamlessly by using specific themes colours and filters. Follow these steps to create a stand out account;

Try and stick to just one or two filters on all your images, this will give all your images the same overall mood, it may take a few posts to work out what filters work best for your brand, but once you find what works for your content, stick with it.

Use colour themes. Use your brand identity colours or, the colours in your logo within your images and graphics. Either take images with that your colour palette actually in them or overlay a graphic with your logo and colours on your images before you upload. Don’t feel restricted to your brand’s colours either, mix it up with a bright shade that compliments your brand, just keep it consistent.

Find your style, having images that have the same aesthetic is a great way to make your images stand out to your customers. There are no set rules for this as every brand is different, take a look below at Nikes Instagram account, you can see while every image is different they all have the same style and look about them.

5 Instagram tricks
@zoella's halloween aesthetic using the colour orange is a great example of how you can use colour to keep your images consistent.

2. Tell a story.

No one checks there Instagram to see what brands are selling, your customers log on to find out what their friends are doing and want to take in information from an image. Whether you are posting a graphic, image or video make sure it is telling a story without the need for a caption. Though Mudder is a great example of a brand that does exactly that.


3. Keep it clean.

Instagram is a visual social media, any bad quality images or posts cluttered with text will be scrolled past by your audience. Make sure anything you upload looks the part to grab your customers attention.

4. Use hashtags to your advantage.

With 25 million business profiles using Instagram worldwide, reaching your customers is harder than ever. Use hashtags that relate to your business and ideal customers to reach more users that will be interested in your brand. If you are unsure of what hashtags to use, take a look at what hashtags your competitors are using.

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5. Get likes, comments and followers with great captions

Many businesses completely overlook their Instagram captions. Make sure you use captions to your advantage, it’s important that captions give your image context, as that’s why people read them.

You can also use your caption as a call to action, tell people what to do next, for example; comment bellow, click the link in our bio, or follow us. While these things won’t necessarily always get the viewer to do this exact thing, it gets them to think about your brand as you are engaging directly with them.

Instagram is a great place to show case your brand and creativity, please try out these tips and if you found this article useful follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get more tips on how to improve your brands presence on social media.

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